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Questions about Online Registration and League Management Software


Learn from the experiences of other similar organizations

We've answered the most commonly asked questions about Count Me In's online sports registration and league management software below. If you have more questions please contact us.

How long does it take to get started?

New clients are typically up and accepting registrations within 5-10 working days. The Count Me In team uses its successful experience with other organizations to make the transition easy and painless. This includes providing suggested communications to participants.

What happens to my member, participant, volunteer and donor data?

You always own and control your data. It is stored in encrypted form in a high security, monitored facility and transmitted using the toughest security Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Count Me In cannot use your data without your written permission. We don't spam your registrants or sell their information.

How do I handle payment processing over the Internet?

To handle payment processing over the internet, you have the advantage of setting up your own online payment processing account with one of our preferred online payment processors. This means all funds collected through the registration process will flow straight to your organization's bank account - usually in 3-4 days, depending on how they are batched. Our comprehensive transaction reporting will streamline your recording keeping and customer service.

Can refunds be processed online?

Yes, you can easily refund through the Rainier App, which makes record keeping clean and trackable.

How many admins can have access to the Rainier App?

Unlimited from our end. You control how many people you want to give access to the Rainier App and what level of access you want them to have. There are over 150 different permission levels

Will participation increase or decrease when everyone has to register online? How about volunteers and donations?

With Count Me In, sports leagues see typical increases of up to 20% for participation, up to 30% for volunteers, and up to 25% for donations.

Can you process membership as well as activity payments? And what about donations?

Our online registration system can process ALL payments, including membership, donations, team store sales and sponsorships. This includes keeping track of your membership records to ensure that memberships are current when a participant registers for a program.

Does everyone have to pay by credit card or eCheck? Do you handle deposits?

Not everyone has to pay by credit card or eCheck. Our sports software allows you to accept and record offline payments by paper check as well, if you’d like. Count Me In also handles re-occurring payments and deposits, allowing you to set the minimum amounts.

Do you handle re-occurring payments and deposits?

Count Me In easily handles re-occurring payments and deposits, allowing you to set the minimum amounts. You will also enjoy the automated notifications - such as: Pay in Person Past Due Notice, Scheduled Payment Reminder, or Membership Renewal Notice.

We already run a pretty tight ship. Will you really save our staff time and money?

Absolutely. All our customers have experienced savings--even those who already had their own custom system or one from a competitor. The Count Me In online registration software affects many aspects of your operation, automating routine and eliminating many manual tasks. Think of the labor involved with registration, payment, and data entry alone--or the costs of printed materials and website hosting. The average Count Me In experience is over one hour saved per registrant.

Our organization has over 50,000 members. Can you handle our volume?

Yes. Count Me In services are "industrial strength" and built to handle millions of online registrations. No other organization can match our commitment to scalability through hardware, software and bandwidth.

We have some families who still register by paper. How are paper registrations handled?

Registrations as well as new account information can be uploaded into the Rainier App using Excel. This way, team building, reporting, and email communications will include all registrants.

Most years, the volunteers from our organization change, and we are always scrambling to find the old records or figure out how they did things before. Can you help us?

Yes. One of the biggest advantages of using Count Me In for volunteer based organizations is that we provide "institutional knowledge" helping you access historical records, set-up current programs or answer "how-to" questions. Our customers tell us this has made them far less vulnerable to the loss of key volunteers.

Accessibility for all our participants, especially those less able to afford our programs, is really important for our organization. Won't you make that worse?

No. Count Me In provides confidential, automated handling of reduced fee participants. We also make it easy for you to provide scholarships to increase participation rates. Most organizations use our donation functionality to raise funding for scholarships.